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Catholic and ecumenical, Listening: Journal of Health, Religion and Culture, founded in 1965, has a long history of exploring important and timely issues in culture and religion in a spirit of open inquiry.

Our contributors are physician, health experts, philosophers, biblical scholars, psychologists, literary critics, and authors from a wide range of other disciplines. All of them write for the Journal with its educated readership in mind. Each issue of the Journal is devoted to a topic which receives consideration from a variety of viewpoints. We have addressed topics from "Rational Suicide" to "The Social World of Saint Paul," and from "Computer Culture and Religion" to "Women and Violence."

As health experts continue their stimulating dialogue, the Journal continues its attentive presence and invites you to hear the marvelous conversations to which we are Listening.

In our today 'listening journal' conversation, we had guest from one of the famous book writers, Dr. A.T.W Simeons. He talked a lot about his invention on the revolutionary hCG diet. The words “Obesity” and “weight loss” seem to just only repel each other. Obesity is basically a condition wherein the body refuses to lose weight. And weight loss is something that is just not possible for a person who’s considered to be obese. However, our expert, Dr. A.T.W Simeons, said that his pure hCG drops diet will make people realize that weight loss can also happen despite obesity. With the growing trends in health industry, being thin and tall is such pressure to most people today. As a result, obesity has been the number one enemy of most people. Slowly people think that it is a severe medical condition which needs active treatment.

The hCG diet program is just one of the most effective diet programs which assure fast and permanent weight loss in obese patients. HCG is very effective in promoting weight loss because it targets the two leading causes of obesity: slow metabolism and the insatiable craving for food. Most fat people would complain that the reason for their condition results from the genes that they got from their parents. Slow metabolism is something that runs in their blood, so they say that they can’t do anything about it. However, today, people can choose not to reason with this, thanks to the HCG diet drops. These drops work by programming the brain’s hypothalamus into state wherein fat deposits in the body are easily and efficiently metabolized as a source of energy.

The drops also work by controlling a person’s appetite. Humans as we are, we always end up eating more than what we need. As a result, we gain unwanted fats around our hips, thighs, and arms. But with the help of the HCG hormones, we can control our food cravings by just only taking low-level doses of these hormones daily. In the end, people who have finished the HCG diet program would always be happy with the healthy weight they have obtained. And since the hormone’s effect in enhancing the body’s metabolism works permanently, obesity can now be finally treated also forever. It is very easy for people to lose weight without the need to worry about the post-diet problems associated with dieting.

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